Elevate your business with our specialized services in customer identification, value proposition, website conversion, and streamlined HubSpot processes.

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We're committed to building trust by delivering results. As your trusted partners, we focus on what matters most – achieving the outcomes you need.

Customer Insight & Value Creation

We identify and engage your ideal customer through targeted research, persona development, and crafting unique value propositions using AIDA and USP frameworks.

Market research
Value Proposition
Strategic Positioning
Brand & Web strategy
CRM Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Tactic & channel selection

Converting Website

We design and develop high-converting, mobile-friendly websites and webshops with intuitive UX, employing SEO, SEA, and CRO to boost visibility and engagement.

User experience
User interface
Customer & Corporate websites
SaaS platforms
E-Commerce platforms
Web Development
Design systems
Content creation

Refine Commercial Processes

We optimize operations with ‘Winning by Design’ and HubSpot, focusing on customer acquisition and retention, using Sales Funnel and Lean Principles for growth.

Digital marketing
CRM implementation
CRM optimization
CRM integrations
Sales enablement

Our specialists in web design, marketing, sales, and service
fuel your sustainable growth.


With more than 10 years of experience in our SaaS team BONANA empowers SaaS companies to dominate in a competitive market, master customer retention, and excel in scalable go-to-market strategies for unparalleled business success and growth.

We help you with a growth strategy by adapting it to your market and organiszation
BONANA Digital

Digital is where we are born. Designing, building and promoting websites is where we make the difference with our competition. With our senior designers and content creators we know how to make your website or shop converting.

We help you to design and develop a website and a digital experience
BONANA 360º customer view

BONANA proudly partners with HubSpot, championing a customer-centric approach and embracing the BONANA proudly Winning by Design Bowtie Model for unparalleled client achievements on marketing, sales and service.

Bonana is a growth agency which helps to scale your business
We help you with a growth strategy by adapting it to your market and organiszation

At BONANA we are teaming with top partners,
to achieve your goals.

We’re here to collaborate with your SaaS or your brand. To share insight and knowledge. To build scalable e-commerce platforms on Shopify Plus. To build a thriving b2b commercial process in HubSpot. Be a part of the next generation.

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