Merken – We zijn er om je merk te lanceren en te laten slagen, het gaat er niet alleen om meer leads of bezoekers te krijgen. Het gaat om het creëren van een duurzame merk die de groei faciliteert. Denk groot want we zullen samen een spannende reis gaan maken.

How we create a growth strategy for brands

Bij BONANA houden we ons niet alleen bezig met het laten groeien van merken; we houden ons ook bezig met het koesteren van hun gedurfde potentieel. Wat ons onderscheidt? We stemmen onze aanpak af op het DNA van het merk en starten vervolgens stap voor stap de groeifase. Laten we samen beginnen aan een unieke merkreis!


Intenz – Exclusieve planten voor een moderne levensstijl. Een gedurfde strategie leidde tot de creatie van een baanbrekend concept.

Bekijk hier onze case.

Vibrant plants from Intenz's 'Arabica' Collection, showcasing the brand's natural beauty and diversity.
Engine Room

Engine Room – De luxe rijervaring verbeteren. Onze designexpertise verandert de manier waarop je naar auto’s kijkt.

Binnenkort verschijnt hier de uitgewerkte casestudy.

A glimpse inside a luxurious sports car, where sophistication meets performance, the knowledge of Engine Room.
The Green Bottle Garden

The Green Bottle Garden, is een concept dat is uitgegroeid tot een luxeproduct.

Binnenkort verschijnt hier de uitgewerkte casestudy.

A lush terrarium featuring 'The Green Bottle Garden' brand's thriving plants, a harmonious display of nature's beauty.
Rogier Duin
Founder | CEO

Over the past 25 years, Rogier Duin has evolved in the IT sector. As an entrepreneur and commercial thinker, he was the driving force behind Incentro and initiated Bonana to share his entrepreneurial spirit with companies aspiring for more. These are businesses seeking growth but unsure where and how to start.

Loves to run, travel and his funny kids

Jasey Tielen
Co-Founder | CRO

Meet your RevOps Maverick! ? With a passion for structure and a proven track record in SaaS, Business Services, and Manufacturing, I’ve turbocharged companies using HubSpot CRM. Let’s optimize, strategize, and revolutionize your marketing, sales and service for success!

True burgundian, soccer and padel

Lars Korteweg
Head of digital and account based marketing

My expertise lies in the combination between strategy, commerce, and personal leadership. When the room is filled with good people and a growth mind-set, the greatest things can be achieved.

Braves every sea or mountain

Customer acquisition tactics for rapid growth
Ellen Hezemans
Marketeer and Growth hacker

Ellen Hezemans is a powerhouse on our team, specializing in marketing and e-commerce. With years of experience in the dynamic world of digital marketing, Ellen has honed her skills to become a versatile expert whose content creation is second nature. Her keen expertise in SEO and AdWords has led numerous campaigns to success.

As the creative force behind our client campaigns, Ellen combines innovation and strategic insight to deliver results that not only meet but exceed expectations. Her versatility and deep knowledge make her an indispensable all-around marketer on our team.

"Marketing is not just about reaching more eyes; it's about engaging the right ones. Every campaign we craft is a bridge connecting our clients to their future advocates." — Ellen Hezemans

Bob van der Plas
Head of Digital Strategy & Transformation

Experienced marketeer, specially loves digital Strategy, HubSpot and Growth Services. Great when a strategy and excecution turn out in reached goals and targets

Running, diving, dining and family

Karina Kuswandi
RevOps HubSpot specialist

I have a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential through the use of innovative technology. With a background in sales and customer service, I hope to transfer my skills and knowledge to ensure that my clients are getting the most out of their Hubspot investment.

Work, study and travel to Indonesia

Arlette Bloks
RevOps Specialist

Arlette is our revered RevOps and HubSpot expert, whose extensive knowledge and strategic approach to revenue operations have fundamentally transformed how we manage and optimize customer interactions and business processes.

With a deep understanding of HubSpot’s comprehensive tools, Arlette expertly tailors systems to streamline operations, enhance data integrity, and boost overall sales efficiency. Her ability to integrate complex platforms and refine operational workflows ensures our clients achieve sustained business growth and scalability.

"RevOps is not just about improving efficiency; it's about creating a synchronized system where marketing, sales, and service intersect to drive growth. With HubSpot, I architect these connections to deliver seamless experiences and tangible results." — Arlette

Lorenzo Angelone
Designer & Motion design

motion graphics. With an exceptional eye for detail and a profound passion for aesthetics, Lorenzo not only crafts compelling visual narratives but also breathes life into them through motion.

His ability to transform static images into dynamic interactions makes each project not just visually stunning but truly immersive. As the creative lead, he guides our team in enhancing brand identity and communicating the core values of our clients effectively through innovative design and engaging animations.

"As the lead of our creative team, I believe in pushing boundaries and setting the standard high. Our designs do more than captivate; they animate the essence of a brand, making every interaction an experience to remember." — Lorenzo Angelone

Benjamin el Barakat
Lead developer frontend

I am a front-end developer working with React, Javascript (jQuery), PHP, HTML(5) and CSS(3) but I am always eager to learn more and honing my skills. I mostly work in WordPress where I write my own functions in both my own custom themes and plugins.

Give me a challenge, i'll make it work