Bon ana” translates to “good year“. This is what we aim for. For our people, and our partners. We see ourselves as heroes, striving to assist others in making a positive impact on the world through a successful business model.

Team Bonana collaboratively pursuing projects with our core values: Bold, Optimistic, and Navigating toward success

We are a driven team that makes this happen by not just providing pre-packaged website, marketing, sales, or platform solutions. Instead, we team up with you to explore your market and uncover your potential.

Embrace the BOLD

We embrace creativity, innovation, and fearless exploration. We believe that taking risks and pushing boundaries leads to extraordinary achievements. We celebrate those who dare to be bold and make a difference.

Jasey, a Bonana team member, joyfully glancing at his computer screen, pleased with the client project's outcome.
OPTIMISTS in action

Optimism defines us. We nurture a growth mindset, where challenges are seen as stepping stones to improvement. With a positive outlook on life, we turn obstacles into opportunities. Together, we share laughter, forging a path of innovation, resilience, and endless possibilities.

Ellen and Rogier passionately brainstorming bold Bonana projects during a dynamic meeting.
NAVIGATORS: Guiding the Way

We’re not afraid to question the norm and think differently. We love finding new and better ways to do things, and we’re always up for a good challenge. Being a navigator means we’re not afraid to ask ‘why’ and ‘what if,’ and it helps us (and you!) grow.

Lars, with pride checking the results of his client.

Meet our legends

Rogier Duin
Founder | CEO

Over the past 25 years, Rogier Duin has evolved in the IT sector. As an entrepreneur and commercial thinker, he was the driving force behind Incentro and initiated Bonana to share his entrepreneurial spirit with companies aspiring for more. These are businesses seeking growth but unsure where and how to start.

Loves to run, travel and his funny kids

Jasey Tielen
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Meet your RevOps Maverick! ? With a passion for structure and a proven track record in SaaS, Business Services, and Manufacturing, I’ve turbocharged companies using HubSpot CRM. Let’s optimize, strategize, and revolutionize your marketing, sales and service for success!

True burgundian, soccer and padel

Lars Korteweg
Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

My expertise lies in the combination between strategy, commerce, and personal leadership. When the room is filled with good people and a growth mind-set, the greatest things can be achieved.

Braves every sea or mountain

Enter new markets, introduce new products or services, or expand your customer base

We believe your talents will become our superpowers, as we embrace innovation, integrity, and a client-centric approach that turns every challenge into an opportunity. Be part of our extraordinary journey, where you'll make a meaningful impact, unleash your potential, and become the hero of our success story.