Brands – We’re here to launch your brand and to succeed, and it’s not just about getting more leads or visitors. It’s about crafting a sustainable brand powerhouse that fuels profitability. Dream BOLD with us, because we’ll have an exiting journey together.

How we create a growth strategy for brands

At Bonana, we're not just in the business of growing brands; we're in the business of nurturing their bold potential. What makes us stand out? We tailor our approach to your brand's DNA, unlocking possibilities you never knew existed. Let's embark on a one-of-a-kind brand journey together!


Intenz – Exclusive plants for a modern lifestyle. A bold strategy led to the creation of a groundbreaking concept.

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Vibrant plants from Intenz's 'Arabica' Collection, showcasing the brand's natural beauty and diversity.
Engine Room

Engine Room – Enhancing the luxury driving experience. Our design expertise is reshaping the way you perceive cars.

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A glimpse inside a luxurious sports car, where sophistication meets performance, the knowledge of Engine Room.
The Green Bottle Garden

The Green Bottle Garden, is a concept that evolved into a luxury product.

Our case study is coming soon.

A lush terrarium featuring 'The Green Bottle Garden' brand's thriving plants, a harmonious display of nature's beauty.
Rogier Duin
Founder | CEO

Over the past 25 years, Rogier Duin has evolved in the IT sector. As an entrepreneur and commercial thinker, he was the driving force behind Incentro and initiated Bonana to share his entrepreneurial spirit with companies aspiring for more. These are businesses seeking growth but unsure where and how to start.

Loves to run, travel and his funny kids

Jasey Tielen
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Meet your RevOps Maverick! ? With a passion for structure and a proven track record in SaaS, Business Services, and Manufacturing, I’ve turbocharged companies using HubSpot CRM. Let’s optimize, strategize, and revolutionize your marketing, sales and service for success!

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Lars Korteweg
Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

My expertise lies in the combination between strategy, commerce, and personal leadership. When the room is filled with good people and a growth mind-set, the greatest things can be achieved.

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